Brain waves states in adults: Explained by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Taken from his book breaking the habit of being yourself. Dr. Joe Dispenza explains what happens inside your head as you head towards your unconscious state to conscious state & vice versa. your sympathetic nervous system switches to the parasympathetic nervous system. Your physiology changes from the emergency protection system from the highest frequency of brain wave Beta (fight/fright/flight). To the internal protection system for long-term building projects (growth & repair) the lowest frequency of brain wave, Delta. Below is an image in order, of what we hit as we enter & leave our state of consciousness. As well as a brief explanation on what situations we experience the brain waves in!

Brain-wave states in adults: overview

BETA: As you’re reading this text, you’re most likely in the waking state of beta brain wave activity. Your brain is processing sensory data (think your 5 senses: sight, taste, smell, hearing & feeling) & trying to create meaning between your outer & inner worlds. Which means while you’re reading this text (hello) you might be aware of sounds from outside like a car passing by or the weight of your body as well as the urge to readjust your body. Being in high beta (22 to 50 hertz) for too long, is where we can completely out of sync with mind & body & operate from a state of stress & take in so much sensory data because we feel as if there is a threat in our environment. Being in low range Beta 13 to 15 hertz. You are moderately preoccupied with your surroundings still although in a much more relaxed state. You’re more focused on the internal world rather than the external world.

ALPHA: If you were to close your eyes (80 percent of our sensory information derives from sight) & purposely go inward. Since you are greatly reducing your sensory data from the environment, less information is now entering your nervous system. Your brain waves naturally slow down to around 8 to 13 hertz, & you begin to relax. This is where you become less preoccupied with things going on with the outer world & begin to be more focused on what’s going on internally. You overthink less & you tend not to analyze your brain is in a light meditative state. You’re body & mind are in sync & are in a perfect state of homeostasis. We often enter this state when we’re learning about our favourite topic, watching our favourite movie or playing our favourite sport. This is the brain wave frequency most of us know as “flow”.

THETA: Theta (4-8 hertz) The twilight state as Joe describes which some people find themselves to be half-awake and half-asleep. This is pretty much where the body falls asleep before the mind does but the conscious mind still stays awake. This is the state hypnotherapist can access your subconscious mind. In this state, we are more programmable because there is no longer a veil between the conscious & unconscious mind. This is also where we can lucid dream.

DELTA: Delta (0.5 – 4 hertz). This is typically the representation of mind & body both asleep. In the delta state, we are in full repair mode.

GAMMA: Gamma waves hit at around 40 to 100 hertz. Although functioning at a higher frequency than beta, there is no correlation between them. Gamma waves are much more compressed & have smaller amplitude compared to the other four types. Having high amounts of Gamma activity in the brain is usually linked to elevated states of mind such as happiness, compassion & increased awareness. You’re fully conscious when this is going on. This is a shift in consciousness that happens from drugs or transcending from meditation.