My Story


I grew up around the whole notion of “thinking yourself into your best reality.” At first, I thought it was all mumbo jumbo.

That was until I realized your pre-existing models of the world have to be taken apart to see a problem in a brand new way. To be solved in approach most would have never have thought to take.

By thinking creatively.

This is how I learned that changing the quality of your thoughts to create your best reality. Is the remodeling of how you view the world, & has been a thing even before great thinkers like Isaac newton, Lao Tzu, Albert Einstein & Marcus Aurelius. This notion has been around for centuries.

In their time discarded as madmen now renowned as geniuses, why do we often miss discoveries that were right in front of us so often? How can someone who can think creatively see things that are completely invisible to most? & Can we learn how to do this ourselves?  Inspired by these questions, I set out on a quest to find out the intricacies of the mind in a non-conventional way.

After I moved out, I slowly realized I was not truly destined for my “dream job” of being a Software architect, Pursuing becoming a Software architect was not the problem, thinking I had to, was. I have always been more of a creative type so you can see how that career choice inevitably blew up in my face.

Even though I grew up around the whole idea of thinking yourself into your best reality, I received a lot of backlash when I decided against the traditional path of secondary education that was expected of me.

The biggest problem was that I lacked the SELF-AWARENESS to have the confidence to make decisions against social norms. This made my journey of wanting to go down a different route more difficult.

Regardless I enjoyed this first taste of independence, living on my own has been so freeing. I wanted this type of independence within my career as well. Since I did not find anything I was passionate about in university, I knew that after graduating I would not be able to give the work necessary to succeed at a job I was not even fulfilled by. So, I did what anybody who did not want to go down that path would do. Start a business. & I failed multiple times because I lacked the very thing every entrepreneur lacked. A clear mind. My mind was cluttered, messy.

Still thinking the same way I thought, with the same limiting beliefs I had before. You ever check the fridge for food, then 2 hours later you check again expecting something new to be inside? That is what it was like starting a business or going after something you want without taking care of your mind first.

Until I decided to learn how to think independently & how to enjoy my own company, I could not break through the paradigms that were holding me back.

Paradigms that were instilled in me that lead me spending too much time telling myself things like “oh I guess people just get lucky” or “this isn’t for me” & I was right about both.

Because to get lucky enough to succeed you must become the version of yourself necessary to try over & over again until you get it. So, I decided to become that version. & through that, I found my passion for introducing systems of thoughts by bringing the true power of our brains potential to life through story. I can give the time necessary to succeed because this is what I would do for fun. That is how I knew I had to pursue this path.

Because while in hot pursuit of this passion. I have learned that your limiting beliefs start with this false idea of what success is. This leaves many people to pursue entrepreneurship for the wrong reasons & on the other end of the spectrum pursue a high-paying dream job for the wrong reasons as well.

This is not going to be the type of content that is going to tell you to wake up at 5 am every day or write affirmations until it becomes true. NO. I have always been frustrated with those types of things being put out. Although honestly Instagram quotes do have good intent. The problem is they are often misinterpreted as solutions, they are there for motivation once you understand what you need to do.

My mission is simple.

To help you drop that shallow idea of success & start creating your idea of what success is to you through new perspectives you have never even considered before.

Being ignorant to expanding my perspectives held me back for years. Stuck in a reality of what others expect you to be doing & constantly facing the pressures around you to be a certain way.

You do not have to impress other people by buying material stuff, pursing a career just for the status or creating a false image on social media to appear a certain way. Do not wait as long as I did to understand that you are simply enough.

It Does not matter what you want to be doing in life. Learning new perspectives is not restricted to your dream job or building your dream business. It is for all walks of life, whatever path you decide to walk down.

I guarantee you can do that walk 10X better without negativity & with learning how to get your mind in a reality that serves you better. A reality that supports what is going to leave you fulfilled.

Having the mindset to logically build the equation to arrive at your solution, with a twist of spirituality thrown in the mix so you can have unrelenting faith that the universe will deliver on what you put out.

There is a connection between EVERYTHING & knowing that the sum of causes you do, will inevitably lead to your desired effect. I am a firm believer in the statement that you are only bound to the laws of physics. Everything else is up for discussion.

This is an ongoing journey & I am here to learn with you. Am I always going to be correct about things? Most likely not. That is not what My goal is. What I want is for us to become independent creative thinkers. Thinkers who can challenge the status quo. With the perspectives I share with you, I am giving you the chisel & the hammer. What you make out of the marble is up to you.

“Oh, I’ll never be able to do (INSERT GOAL)” is something we have thought, but how far have you gone into figuring out how? How deep are you willing to go & how much of your thinking are you willing to change to reach it?
Sometimes we say we are unable to do something spectacular before we even put in the effort to learn it. That type of thinking got us into this mess, let us learn the type of thinking that gets us out of it.

Craft your best reality. It is truly possible.

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