The entire day just passes by & you come out the other side exhausted. It becomes very strange when for the most part you did not even do much? Where did this exhaustion come from?

Well, your mind was working in OVERDRIVE. Okay here’s the thing. Your brain’s subconscious is 10x stronger than your conscious brain. I talk about this in detail in my book.

What this means is that you are more driven to find dopamine than to consistently make sound decisions. If your brain is constantly looking for ways to acquire dopamine. It doesn’t care where it comes or how fast you get it. Your brain sees dopamine & thinks YES.

The more you give it dopamine the more it is going to want. If your brain is constantly searching for how you can get that dopamine hit, you’ll never be able to catch a break & relax with a clear mind. Just because your bodies at rest, doesn’t mean your mind isn’t.

Although it might seem as if there is no escape from this torment, you can learn how to clear your mind & finally give yourself time to relax. Doing at least one of these will be extremely beneficial….so I decided to give you 15 things to chose from!

Delete Your Apps

Clearing your mind is essentially finding a way to lower how often it seeks dopamine. To make it less dependant on those hits. What better way to ween yourself off than to limit the very thing that gives you constant dopamine with little effort. Your apps.

Start lowering your screen time. Maybe even try deleting your apps for a bit. The overstimulation from your apps leads to an overactive brain. Become more present by limiting how much your brain is being stimulated by them.

Create a to-do list

When you know exactly what you want to do during the day it will HELP with keeping your mind organized. Writing down a list of things you plan to accomplish during the day or week. such as doing your laundry, pick up bananas, essentially all the errands & chores you have to do during the week in no particular order.

This eliminates the overwhelm from trying to figure out what you should start with & Frees up space in your mind for you to think clearly.

Make your list, then start with anything. Once you pick up momentum with tackling your to-so list, you’ll look back wondering why you spent so much time & energy figuring out which one you should start with.

Recognize Your fear

This ties into the last tip, stress comes from ignoring things you know you should be doing. This means handling the big things you don’t want to deal with that you’ve pushed to the back of your mind.

Your taxes, telling someone something that you know you they’re not going to like. That type of your stuff takes up brain space & the fear of being on the fence about doing it causes your brain to have scattered thoughts. Eliminate this by facing it head-on.

Don’t give your brain the option to contemplate whether it should or shouldn’t do something. 9/10 it’s just going to want to stall.

Keep your space clean

Your external environment is a direct reflection of your internal environment, Keeping order on the outside of your life makes it much easier to maintain order internally.


Let’s face it, you knew this was coming. This is going to sound counterintuitive, but you have to give yourself the freedom to let the thoughts of your mind run around. The best way to do that is through meditation.

Set aside sometime during the day to just straight up overthink. When you do this you become more in control & you can now view your thoughts from a 30,000-foot view.

This will help you learn to not identify with your thoughts. Find a comfortable position & let them run free! Just try to not fall asleep.

Go for a walk

When you’re in an environment you’re very familiar with like your room, your brain has to do very little work to generate the visuals around you.

This gives it ample time to go deep into existential crisis mode. A walk outside will give it a healthy source of stimulation (unlike social media) & refocus it to focus on the present.

Grab some fresh air & realize that life isn’t that scary.


Write down what you want to accomplish

This is absolutely a repeat of tip number 2 but it’s so important it deserves to be expanded on. Create a to-do list in no specific order just of things you want to accomplish in the long term. Do this by doing little things you can do right now. If you want to master the violin, start by learning a portion of a song every few days.

It’s important to realize that time is going to pass anyway. Once a few years pass by you won’t look back & think that you should’ve started a few years ago.

Start small now so you won’t be thinking about how you didn’t earlier. You’ll be at peace & minimize the regret you’ll feel which causes a lot of thinking. Do something small every day to hit your goals & let compounding work its magic.

For the more ambitious ones out there this will help avoid blowing a fuse that you haven’t been productive enough during the day. This will help you NOT stress about it & you’ll learn how to relax after you accomplish these little things.

Downsize the number of things you have

Now the difference between this & cleaning is that instead of just reorganizing the stuff you have, you’ll be figuring out what stuff you actually need.

Becoming a little bit minimalistic gives your brain a solid when it comes to minimizing the amount of work your brain has to do.

Start downsizing, I’m sure you don’t need that shirt that you have in your closet that you never were but keep around in case that you might.

Read a book

At first, reading can be daunting because let’s face it, looking at a paper full of words isn’t as interesting as looking at a screen with endless possibilities.

Dopamine wise we’ve been so spoiled, that we don’t even have to work that hard to get our imagination going.

Once you in the habit of reading, it’s a completely different story. (pun intended) Your imagination is now activated, the words you see on paper then become images you can see In your mind.

Once you get to this point it won’t be easy for you to have rambling thoughts since your focus is now on the vibrant imagination you’ve cultivated.

Take a nap

I could explain why this is true but seriously sometimes a quick nap is what we need we shouldn’t feel bad about it.

Learn to take responsibility even for the dumb stuff

There’s stuff that happens that is just ridiculous, It’s important to realize that when something that wasn’t your fault happens to you, like getting cut off in traffic ask yourself who has to deal with the consequence.

Take responsibility by assessing how you could’ve avoided being in the situation in the first place & how you can avoid being in there again.

Don’t let something you can’t change keep your mind occupied

Tackle the big stuff

Just so we’re on the same page here I want to mention this again. Just like the small stuff is very important to conquer the big tasks too you have been putting off (you know what that is for you) So you can have a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

Make a budget

Financial stress is a real thing budget your expenses so you’re not sweating by the time the 1st comes around. Now you don’t need to be “rich” to be wealthy. You just need to spend less on the things you don’t need.

Often we tell ourselves we need to get to “this income” & then we’ll be okay. You’ll get to that income & end up spending more if you don’t develop the discipline to spend only on what you need early on.

Essentially avoid inflating your life because it will lead to more thoughts & worries. It’s not what you make it’s what you keep. So have that hard conversation with yourself & really assess if you need those 1-3 subscription services you don’t use.

Take a shower

This honestly might be me but I swear showering is the best goddamn part of my day. Self-care always is a solid way to release some endorphins.


I mentioned endorphins so it is only fitting that working out is going to show up here, this ties into focusing your mind on other things, get a solid sweat in & look good while doing it.

Start writing down your ideas

I am a firm believer that every human being has had a billion-dollar idea, oftentimes we just forget about them. These ideas pop up when reading a book, watching a movie or when you’re just hanging out!

Be on the lookout for them they come by pretty fast & disappear even faster! Then when we try & recall an idea or a funny joke the stress of it can be annoying.

Write it down & keep them organized! You will never know when it might be of use! Where do you think I got these ideas from 😊