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My Story

I grew up around the whole notion of “thinking yourself into your best reality.” At first, I thought it was all mumbo jumbo.

That was until I realized your pre-existing models of the world have to be taken apart to see a problem in a brand new way.

By thinking creatively.

This is how I learned that changing the quality of your thoughts to create your best reality. Is the remodeling of how you view the world, & has been a thing even before great thinkers like Isaac newton, Lao Tzu, Albert Einstein & Marcus Aurelius. This notion has been around for centuries.

In their time discarded as madmen now renowned as geniuses, why do we often miss discoveries that were right in front of us so often? How can someone who can think creatively see things that are completely invisible to most? & Can we learn how to do this ourselves?  Inspired by these questions, I set out on a quest to…

Love it dude, you’ve helped me so much couldn’t be more grateful 🙂

Blake Bezte


It’s About Causing an Effect.

“Avoid the crowd. Do your own thinking independently. Be the chess player, not the chess piece.” – Ralph Charell

Our brains love to generate models of how the world is. It helps keeps things simple!

Although, Models have massive disadvantages in that they lock us in a way concrete set of thinking.

We need to learn how to cultivate models that are able to adapt to the ever changing world around us!

You might have caught yourself occasionally trapping yourself in this rigid sort of thinking, causing you to keep revisiting the same undesired result way too often.

Gaining self-awareness in our creativity is key to bending your own reality to breaking out of this cycle. Feel free to Sift through my articles for some ideas on how to re-learn this skill humans have!

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